Sony To Launch One Hour Wireless Charging

sony-Wireless-ChargingFollowing the news that Samsung is working on long distance wireless charging, it has been reported that Sony will launch an update to Qi charging that would enable a mobile phone to be charged in under an hour.

While there’s no doubt that wireless charging techniques have improved, the fact that you currently have to sit your phone on a charging plate means that you are still essentially tethered to your charger while your phone sucks power from the mains. It’s fair to say that it remains an emerging technology, but it is a technology that a number of organisations are looking to improve upon. Sony and Samsung are known to be extremely interested in pioneering further advancements.

Samsung announced, a couple of days ago, that they were working on long range wireless charging. This doesn’t mean that you can charge your phone from work using a base plate at home, but it does mean that you would be able to use your phone in your chair while the base plate sat on the table nearby. There are obvious security risks associated with this, and it would be necessary to find ways to prevent unauthorised charging but Samsung are expected to launch their new charging technology by Christmas 2014 and possibly even as part of the Note 4 range.

Magnetic resonance charging could change the way that all of our homes look. Wireless devices could be truly wireless without the need to even have a mains plug wire. Smartphones are a good first choice for implementing the technology because the power they use is relatively minimal when compared to that of, say, a TV or a fridge freezer.

According to financial newspaper Nikkei, they aren’t the only ones that are making strides to improving wireless charging either, although Sony have taken a different angle.

A new charging plate from Sony would require that the smartphone still be placed directly on the plate but instead of taking a few hours to charge, the new Qi technology would mean that a smartphone could suck a full battery’s worth of power in under an hour.

Qi charging is used and compatible with a number of different devices so this means that Sony won’t be the only company to benefit from the technology but Nikkei reports that they will be ready to launch during the same late 2014 window, or just in time for the next generation of Xperia smartphones.

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