Sony Xperia Z On Sale A Day Early

sony-xperia-z-fonblet-tablet-smartphone-waterThe Sony Xperia Z phablet has hit UK shelves today, a day earlier than the anticipated and announced launch date – it is not yet clear whether it was an intentional Sony move or not.

We are used to release dates being largely ignored by manufacturers as new devices are usually put back time and time again before they do finally hit the shelves and ecommerce stores. Generally, manufacturers will cite a component problem or say that they want to ensure that users enjoy the best possible experience from their device once it does make it out of the factory doors but for anybody waiting to buy the device, the news is extremely frustrating.

Sony, then, clearly doesn’t want to disappoint the world and their new phablet, the Xperia Z has gone on sale on UK shelves a day early. You can buy yours now.

The Z Ultra has a 6.4” screen which actually makes it bigger than the average phablet. The Galaxy Note III has only a 5.7” screen which makes it more of a massive phone rather than a phablet.

What’s more, and in keeping with Sony’s belief that everybody likes gaming and computing underwater, the Xperia Z is waterproof as well as dust proof. As far as rugged tablets, that are ideal for using while you’re either on holiday in the swimming pool or at a building site goes, you’re not really spoilt for choice so Sony has apparently cornered this niche.

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It has a quad core processor along with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. The camera doesn’t have the greatest numbers, with only an 8MP snapper but it does benefit from Sony’s CMOS sensor range so the quality of the pictures that it takes is really very good.

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