Spotify Streaming Charts Show Most Shared And Most Listened To Tracks

spotifyMusic streaming service Spotify has launched its own music streaming charts that will show users the most listened to and the most shared tracks. While an official streaming chart has been running for a year in the UK, and shows that 4.4bn tracks were consumed in this way in the past 12 months, the music service will only be offering details of those tracks that are streamed on their own platform. The Spotify 50 and Social 50 will include data from a number of countries.

Streaming music is a convenient and simple way to listen to music. It enables you to effectively rent songs that you want to listen to while paying a monthly subscription. For those listeners that have a big appetite for fresh tunes, it is a convenient way to listen without having to clog up mp3 players, CD towers, and hard drives.

Spotify is one of the leading lights in the music streaming service. It is available in 28 countries including the UK and their exposure meant that it was they that were behind the official streaming chart launch a year ago. Other services do exist, including Rdio and Deezer.

The new charts will include the Spotify 50 and the Social 50. Spotify 50 is a snapshot of which tracks are being streamed most often while Social 50 ranks the songs according to shares and likes. Both charts can provide global data or broken down to show data from just one country in the list.

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