Square Enix Bemoan Failed Tomb Raider Potential But Sequel Is In Development

Tomb Raider Game Wallpapers 1Square Enix have said that the revamped Tomb Raider game did not make the sales figures they had expected but have stated that the sequel to the game is “well into development”, allaying the fears of some gamers.

The Tomb Raider rebirth was deemed a remarkable success by most of the press. Reviewers hailed the game and it generally received really good scores from those that had played it. However, Square Enix has bemoaned its poor sales performance and stated that it had the potential to sell 6 million copies or more. However, in the game’s first month, it only shifted 3.4m copies. Sleeping Dogs and Hitman: Absolution suffered similarly poor sales figures and the company not only showed long term president Yoichi Wada the exit but embarked on a serious review of the company.

While a sequel to Tomb Raider had always been expected, the struggle that Square Enix faced with the initial game meant that many believed a second title in the revamped version of the series had become considerably less likely.

However, fear not.

In a reassuring press release that was primarily used to inform people that the company would continue to produce the games it was best known for, they also made a somewhat passing comment about the Tomb Raider sequel. In this statement they said that the new title was “well into development”.

Nothing is known about the sequel and this is really the first confirmed news that there will even be one but for those of us that were fortunate enough to get a copy of the last title will be happy to see that it has been promised a return.


The first Tomb Raider was an excellent game and Metacritic, which amalgamates reviews and ratings to provide an average critic view of titles, showed a score of 86 for the Xbox 360 and PC version and an 87 for the PS3 version. If you haven’t played it yet, we strongly advise that you give it a whirl.

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