Still time to correct climate change, says UN

global-warmingThe United Nation’s head of climate change issues stressed yesterday that the Earth’s warming trend, believed by many to be caused by people, can still be eased.

Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, who chairs the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), told journalists that societies have to move to conserve the planet.

“Yes, of course it is difficult, but what is going to be even more difficult, substantially more difficult, is to deal with alternatives,” he said at an IPCC gathering in Japan.

“In other words, if we don’t stabilise the climate of this planet, then these impacts are going to be progressively more serious,” Pachauri said.

Some 550 scientists and officials from around the world are meeting behind closed doors this week to hammer out a 29-page summary of a massive report that is expected to detail climate effects and ways to reduce risks associated with change.

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