Tablet Sales Soar In 12 Month Period

best-tabletsIt may come as little surprise to learn that the number of touch screen tablet computers sold in the first quarter of 2013 was considerably higher than in the same period a year earlier. While Apple remained the most popular single brand according to the figures released by IDC, Android had overtaken iOS for the first time and Windows Phone had gained good ground too. Samsung, as the send biggest in terms of market share, also saw their share rise significantly.

It is only a few weeks since IDC had said that Android would soon overtake Apple and although there were still some that believed 2015 would be the golden year, it has already arrived according to the latest figures. Numbers do have a tendency to make stuff up, but nearly 50 million tablets had sol in the first three months with 27.8m running Android and 19.5m being Apple. This represents a pretty big margin but it means that Apple is still some way ahead of Samsung, who are the second most popular single brand and sold 8.8m figures.

Windows phones shipped 1.6m units compared 200,000 units in 2012 and this is a big jump. Last year, Apple had nearly 60% of the market compared to 40% this year. Samsung had just over 11% and now have nearly 18%. The gap is definitely closing between the two brands and with the rumoured releases of devices like the next Nexus tablet from Google and an iPad Mini HD also in the offing the numbers are likely to change again.

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