Tablet Shipments Decline Following Apple Launch Delay

best tabletsThe number of tablet devices shipped to retailers fell by nearly 10% during the second quarter of the year. Apple’s plans to delay their device launches until the second half of the year are cited as one possible reason.

Experts and manufacturers have been predicting that the tablet market would drop off eventually and while a 10% slip in quarterly shipments is far from the death toll for the portable devices, it is a reversal in fortunes.

There was a 9.7% drop in shipments, down to 45.1m units in the second quarter of 2013. However, while a 10% slide is quite significant this still represents a 59.6% increase from the year before showing that there may still be some legs left in tablet sales. Furthermore, at least some of the decline can be blamed on Apple’s change in release date direction.

Apple have previously released new products during the second quarter and many Apple brand-loyal consumers may well be waiting for the next version of the iPad before investing in a new device. However, the technology giant has expressed their intention of releasing products like the iPad in the second half of the year in a bid to take greater advantage of the Christmas sales period.

However, it isn’t just Apple that has seen figures decline as the second most popular tablet manufacturer, Samsung, shipped only 8.1m units in the quarter compared to 8.6m units in the previous quarter.

Experts predict that figures will pick up in the second half of the year with releases likely from Amazon, Apple, and other companies.

Figures were also released that showed significant market share gains for Android and Windows, but a decline for Apple’s operating system. Android share gained 169.2% and while Windows saw an increase of 527% on the year, they still only held around 4% of the total market share. Apple saw a 14.1% decline in their own figures.

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