Tablets Now More Popular With Women Than Men

best tabletsThe moniker of boys’ toys is no longer fitting for devices like tablet computers, it seems, as figures release by YouGov show that more women own tablets than men for the first time.

Devices like tablet computers have long been considered the thrall of affluent males; they were the first to buy into the new technology and they tended to be the first to buy up large, premium devices. However, it would seem that the bigger range of devices, coupled with the smaller size of more recent models, has brought the technology front and centre for women. For the first time since the tablet craze began, more women own the devices than men.

Arguably the biggest shift has come in the shape of cheaper, second hand devices flooding the market. While men continue to buy the brand new, premium priced models, they put their older models on the second hand market. This means that a greater number of iPad and iPad 2 models are now available to purchase and at reduced prices.

This means that the purchase of new iPads tends to lead to the sale of an older version, and typically to women.

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Another trend has seen younger men and women buying into the iPad Mini craze, and a similar pattern has been witnessed with other smaller screen devices. Combined with the purchase of older devices this means that many more women are finding the tablet market to be accessible and beneficial to them.

The figures show that during the second quarter of 2013, women owned 52% of the tablets that were being used. During the same period last year, 57% of devices were owned by men marking a significant shift in the ownership figures and with smaller devices incoming, as well as more and more older devices set to be released to the second hand market it is likely that the trend will continue in the same way.

The survey of 3,824 adults aged 18 or over indicated that 22% of the population now own a tablet device, although many CEOs and technology companies believe that there will be shift away from dedicated tablets to transformer or hybrid devices that combine the power of the laptop with the portability and touch screen benefits of the tablet.

The proliferation of smaller and cheaper devices has also seen a larger number of young people get in on the craze.

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