Tablets Will Continue To Get Smaller But Sales Will Flatten

best tabletsAcer has said that it expects sales of tablet PCs to flatten in the second quarter of the year while analyst Richard Shim has said that he believes the trend for smaller tablets will continue.

The popularity of touch screen tablet devices came as something of a surprise to many. The release of the iPad and the subsequent release of numerous Android devices helped the portable, convenient device become virtually ubiquitous but a number of company chiefs have, in the past few months, expressed their belief that their popularity will soon end.

During an annual shareholder meeting, Acer chairman J.T. Wang said that he believed that sales of tablet PCs as well as netbooks will flatten during the second quarter of the year.

The company has previously stated that it hopes touch screen devices will help improve its sales figures; figures that were 19% lower in the first five months of the year when compared to the same period last year.

Meanwhile, analyst Richard Shim, has said that he expects the existing increase in popularity of smaller tablets to continue. In 2012, 9 inch and larger tablets account for 60% of sales in the market but this is expected to turn around in the coming months.

Shim attributes the change in popular screen size to the introduction of a number of new, smaller devices. The likes of the iPad Mini are set to be released and that better margins on tablets of this size mean that yet more manufacturers will launch with 8 inch or smaller screens.

The obvious benefit of buying smaller screens for consumers is that they will cost less than the behemoth sized devices that are also on the market. The question for the likes of Acer and other manufacturers, though, is whether the likes of the iPad Mini will help reinvigorate the tablet market.

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