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Apple earnings report: iPhone bumps up revenue but sales of iPad fall by 16%

apple-logo-smallThe latest earnings report from Apple has exceed expectations, with the company reporting an increase in revenue for the first three months of the year of $45.6 billion – way ahead of analysts’ predicted $43.5bn.

However, the report also reinforced the fact that Apple relies more than ever on the success of the iPhone for continuing growth.

The smartphone accounts for more than half of the company’s revenues and while sales of the device soared past expectations (43.7 million units sold compared to projections of 37.7m), this success was necessary to offset a slump in interest in the iPod, Macs and the iPad.

Apple’s tablet launched four years ago and although the device has been hailed as the ideal Continue reading

Apple Reveals Updates To Its Products

apple-logo-smallApple has unveiled a series of new devices that are essentially upgrades to their existing line. Free software was the biggest shock to come out of the press event and puts Apple on an even more direct collision course with Google.

The world tends to wait with baited breath for new Apple news. Devices like the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad, as well the MacBook Air have broken records and trod new ground in the technology sector. However, as this year’s press event shows, they can’t always come up with something entirely new. 2013 is definitely the year of improvement for some products and miniaturisation for others.

While these are important steps in a technology lifecycle, they are perhaps not as exciting and inspiring as the launch of a bleeding edge design.

The iPad Air may be marketed as a new device but, in reality, it is a combination of both iPad and MacBook Air: two devices that have proven extremely popular and successful for Apple. There’s also some elements of the latest iPhone 5S thrown in for good measure. Continue reading

Apple Is Still The Coolest Brand

apple-logo-smallThe annual CoolBrands survey shows that Apple is still considered the coolest brand in the UK but other technology brands have lost ground to luxury firms and fashion labels.

The CoolBrands annual survey aims to highlight which brands UK consumers consider to be the coolest. During the recession, the trend was for essential and technology brands to take the top position but things have changed according to this year’s results. Whereas brands like BBC iPlayer have lost considerable ground, luxury brands like Rolex and Aston Martin as well as fashion labels like Chanel and Prada have scaled the heights of the top 20.

The incredible queue and apparent euphoria surrounding the latest Apple releases has become commonplace so it is hardly surprising to see them top the list once again this year. Continue reading

Queues Already Forming Outside Apple Store Ahead Of Friday iPhone 5S Release

iphone-5-misekWhile the handset may not go on sale until Friday, people are already queueing up outside Apple’s flagship London store to buy the device. Meanwhile, Vodafone has released its 5S pricing details.

In the same way that the sun always rises, consumers will always queue up early to get their hands on the latest Apple release. The beginning of this week saw many people already forming a queue outside London’s Apple store, bracing themselves for the promised phone release. The phone, which will be the world’s first 64-bit processor powered smartphone certainly isn’t cheap even when purchased on a contract.

The reality is that previous versions of the iPhone have been less powerful than some of its competitors, featuring a worse camera, and offering only a portion of the usability provided by Continue reading

Apple Is Most Valuable Brand In The World For Third Year Running

apple-logo-smallApple has once again been named the most valuable brand in the world according to a study and research conducted by Brandz. Google has risen to second place and Samsung has seen some of the biggest gains following the companies’ continued march into the smartphone world. Meanwhile Yahoo’s value rose, IBM’s dropped, and Facebook saw a significant slide in its perceived brand value.

Brandz releases an annual report which highlights the world’s most valuable brands and the report is used by companies and investors as a measure of how well particular companies are performing. 2013 represents Apple’s third year at the top, although its meteoric rise is slowing according to the figures. Whereas their value grew by 1% in the past twelve months, it grew by 19% in the 12 months before that. Apple now has a value of $185bn. Continue reading