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Google Chromecast goes on sale in UK exclusively in Currys & PC World first

Google_ChromecastCurrys & PC World stores are the first to sell Google Chromecast in the UK, with the device available to buy today.

The new TV dongle device by Google – which has a £30 price tag and was unveiled last year – won’t be available in other UK physical retailers until the end of April.

Dixons Retail’s, Currys & PC World will also be the only UK retailers to stock Chromecast both in-stores and online. Continue reading

Currys Predicts Best Sellers For Christmas 2013

2IN1_STACK_PRIMARY_CMYKRetailers Currys and PC World have made their predictions of the devices and products that will prove to be best-sellers come this Christmas time.

It may not seem like much of a prediction but Currys and PC World have said that they expect the Xbox One and PS4 to be the best sellers at Christmas time next year. Considering the furore that always surrounds new consoles, and the fact that it’s been six years since the release of a system from one of the big two manufacturers it seems highly plausible that it will be these two going head to head.

Currys Predictions for Christmas 2013

1 – Xbox One

The Xbox One will cost more than the PS4, but only by around £35 when you factor in the purchase of the Playstation Eye camera that will be required. Microsoft have also made a u-turn on various unpopular announcements and this looks to have borne fruit, in terms of anticipated popularity. Currys believes that the One will outsell the PS4 but in reality it could go either way. Continue reading