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Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen says he is ‘considering’ bringing app back

FlappyBirdGameThe creator of Flappy Bird has admitted he is thinking about bringing back the app – just a month after taking it down.

Dong Nguyen stunned fans of the popular smartphone game in February when he said he was removing it from Apple’s App Store because it had become “an addictive product”.

But now, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the Vietnamese said he was “considering” bringing it back. Continue reading

Flappy Bird, the game taking the world by storm

flappy-bird-gameiOS game ‘Flappy Bird’ been described as ‘the most frustrating game in the world’ and has topped the most downloaded charts across the world.

The game, which involves tapping the screen repeatedly to control the flight path of a bird through obstacles, seems simple enough however thousands of people have taken to Twitter to release their frustration at the addictive and difficult game. Continue reading