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Google to start selling its wearable ‘Glass’ gadgets from next week

google-glassGoogle Inc will take online orders for its Glass wearable gadget on April 15, in its biggest push to get the $1,500 wraparound Web-ready glasses out to the US public.

For a limited time starting Tuesday, Google will make the wearable device available to more than just the select group of users such as apps developers in its Glass Explorer program.

In a blogpost, Google did not say how many pairs it would sell, just that the quantity would be limited. Continue reading

Gadgets Most Popular Gifts For Everybody This Christmas

christmas-giftPerhaps unsurprisingly, research has shown that most people are shunning traditional Christmas gifts and opting to buy gadgets and the latest technology for partners, kids, and friends.

When technology companies release products in the second half of the year, they tend to aim for a pre-Christmas release, and for good reason. Launching too soon means that a product could be replaced, while launching too late means that few people will have the expendable income needed to buy their items.

For buyers looking for the ideal gift, gadgets are a good choice. They tend to enjoy regular and heavy use, are viewed as being really good gift items, and are the must have accessory that most people are talking about. Continue reading

Brits Own More Than £50bn In Gadgets

gadgetsRecent figures show that Brits own gadgets worth £51.6bn and typically walk around with £22bn of gadgets on their person. 2013 is expected to see the nation spend nearly £10bn on tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets.

We may have endured difficult financial times, following the recession, but it would seem that our love affair with gadgets has continued unabated in the last 5 years. Research by Conlumino has shown that the total value of Brit owned gadgets is £10bn higher than it was five years ago. We may have had less disposable income, but we have clearly been willing to dispose of it on the latest gadgets and technology trends.

The surge can largely be attributed to the massive explosion in popularity of tablets, as well as the improvement and increased range of smartphones and mobile devices that are now for sale. Continue reading

5 Of The Best Outdoor Gadgets

outdoor-gadgetsAs the weather finally starts to get warmer and the long and unusually snowy winter is all but a distant memory, it’s about time to start looking forward to the best gadgets for summer. Below we take a look at the five potential essentials to help get you through the long sunny mornings and wet, disappointing afternoons.

Wireless Speaker

The Cambridge Audio is a high quality wireless speaker that is especially suited to those whose gadgets and music players aren’t specifically Apple. As well as Apple’s AirPlay, they also play via Continue reading