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Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen says he is ‘considering’ bringing app back

FlappyBirdGameThe creator of Flappy Bird has admitted he is thinking about bringing back the app – just a month after taking it down.

Dong Nguyen stunned fans of the popular smartphone game in February when he said he was removing it from Apple’s App Store because it had become “an addictive product”.

But now, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the Vietnamese said he was “considering” bringing it back. Continue reading

More Gamers Turning To Free To Play And Mobile Games

mobile gamesAn NPD Group report shows that the convenience and the low to no price of mobile games and free to play games have helped cement them as the most popular gaming group.

They are the chagrin of the PC and the games console world but it seems that free to play and mobile games are not going anywhere. A recent report, titled the 2013 Gamer Segmentation report and compiled by NPD Group, show that mobile and free to play games are the biggest gaming segment there is.

The appeal of free to play games is fairly obvious. With full price console games it means paying nigh on £50 for something that you may or may not enjoy. We actually believe this to represent Continue reading