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Google inks Glass deal with the maker of Oakley and Ray-Ban

google glassGoogle just signed the deal that could allow its Glass wearable computing device to go mainstream.

The company has announced a partnership with Luxottica, the eyewear manufacturer behind a host of brands including Ray-Ban and Oakley, to design and produce an exclusive collection of eyeglass frames that incorporate the technology.

To start, the deal will be limited to the US market, and focus on Ray-Ban and Oakley. Continue reading

Google glass (stylized simply as GLASS) is the first wearable computer.

Google glassAs the world is becoming more smarter, Google is coming up with the latest technologies to attract, one of its latest evolution is Google glass.

Google glass (stylized simply as GLASS) is the first wearable computer with really light weight, which is available to public the beta version as of now.

One to use the Google Glass, needs to pair up the Glass with mobile through Bluetooth (we can use MyGlass app for pairing). Continue reading

Virgin Atlantic Is Using Google Glass to Greet Customers

Google Glass may enhance a lot of activities: patrols, police investigations and surgery.

Now, Virgin Atlantic is testing whether or not wearable technology can improve customer service.

Virgin Atlantic business and first class passengers flying from London Heathrow airport will be greeted by employees wearing Google Glass or a Sony SmartWatch 2.

The aim is to make the travel experience more personalized and seamless. Using wearable technology, the Virgin Atlantic staff will be able to update passengers on their latest flight information, weather and local events at their destination, as well as translate any foreign language information. Continue reading

Google Prescription Glass Coming In 2014

google glassGoogle has announced that Glass wearers will soon be able to have their wearable tech customised with their own prescription. Music streaming is also due to arrive soon.

Google Glass is building up a head of steam, and a number of announcements and upgrades have hit the press in recent days. Details of the updated Explorer programme have been offered to those that are interested in becoming a part of the experiment, while a streaming music service and prescription lenses are among the other pieces of media concerned with the wearable tech device.

The Google Glass Explorer programme has enabled a lucky few thousand to get their hands on the device, and Google has said that an updated version will be available from the end of this Continue reading

Arrest Captured On Google Glass

google glassGoogle Glass owner Chris Barrett has captured the first footage of an arrest via his wearable tech device and opened up the whole privacy issue once again.

It’s been a while since we had any decent Google Glass news to impart upon readers but it seems that user Chris Barrett has not only opened up the whole privacy debate but has also provided us with a means to report on the unique wearable technology device.

Barrett was out celebrating on the 4th July at the Jersey Shore. His intentions were to capture footage of the fireworks display but, instead, he witnessed a brawl on the street and the arrest of Continue reading

Apple Willing To Release Apps On Android And Google Glass Is Niche

Android and AppleCEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has said that his company would be willing to release apps on Android if the opportunity was right. He also said that he believed Google Glass to be a niche product. Speaking at a conference he also discussed the Apple Maps debacle, offering iPhone owners the chance to choose home screen, and intimated that Apple may be prepared to make a move into so-called wearable technology.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has said that the company has no “religious issue” with releasing apps on Android but that they would only do so if it made sense. If that constitutes a thinly veiled Continue reading