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Google to start selling its wearable ‘Glass’ gadgets from next week

google-glassGoogle Inc will take online orders for its Glass wearable gadget on April 15, in its biggest push to get the $1,500 wraparound Web-ready glasses out to the US public.

For a limited time starting Tuesday, Google will make the wearable device available to more than just the select group of users such as apps developers in its Glass Explorer program.

In a blogpost, Google did not say how many pairs it would sell, just that the quantity would be limited. Continue reading

Facebook plans to beat Google on mobile territory shortly

facebookThe most prevalent Social networking giant Facebook’s is spreading its wings wide in global mobile ad market share and is expected to eat into tech major Google’s share.

In 2013, Facebook and Google together consolidated their places at the top of the market, accounted for over 66 per cent of the global mobile ad, that rose over two-fold to $17.96 billion, compared to 2012.

In 2012, only 11 per cent of Facebook’s net ad revenues worldwide came from mobile but last year, that figure jumped to 45.1 per cent. If Facebook continues in the same pace then no doubt it will soon hit Google. Continue reading

Google is planning to launch Nexus 9 Tablet with an 8.9 Inch Screen.

GooglenexusThe growth in technology is always fascinating. It’s heard that Google is now planning to launch Nexus 9 Tablet with an 8.9 -inch screen instead of earlier said rumours about Nexus 8 with an Intel Bay Trail-T chipset, reports Digitimes. The previous versions of Nexus tablet have come up with 7 inch display, but now

Google is finally moving to a bigger display for its budget tablet. The other hawkers are trialing to come up with different sizes, already Samsung has come up with extra-large, 12.2-inch Note Pro and Tab Pro devices, while Asus is reportedly working on a 13.3″ tablet based on an Intel chipset and a dual-boot setup. Continue reading

Tom Daley Placed In Google Maps Olympic Swimming Pool Google Street View

img1There are various objects to see in the huge collection of 360° pictures that is Google street view.

To this now you are able to attach Tom Daley’s trunks.

A latest number of photos captured inside the London Olympic Aquatics Centre include a complete 360 of the viewpoint on top of the 10-meter diving board at the place Daley achieved his individual bronze at the 2012 Games. Continue reading

Google gives U.K. government ‘special access’ to YouTube

YouTubeImgNational security officials in the United Kingdom will be given “special access” to some key YouTube features by Google, The Irish Times reports.

Apparently Google will give officials in the U.K. the ability to raise a “super flag” on videos that they deem dangerous to national security.

The Irish Times says that these “super flagger” powers mean that any content that U.K. Continue reading

Google purchases Green Throttle smartphone game controller company

Green Throttle googleGoogle goes on its price toward a home gaming system with a new acquisition.

Rumours of an impending that Google is likely to jump into the home video game console market with a set-top box. Based on Pando Daily, Google has simply snapped up a gaming organisation called “Green Throttle Games”, the trader of a Android gaming controller.

Green Throttle was developed by many more popular players in the modern technology world. The founder of the organisation is Charles Huang, who even co-founded RedOctane ( creator of the Guitar Hero sequence ). The additional 2 key staff members were Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend, each of them long standing Palm employees. Green Throttle mysteriously close down in November of this past year, however judging by the profile of LinkedIn timelines of Crowley and Townsend, the Google acquisition was the purpose of the closure. As Continue reading