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Google purchases Green Throttle smartphone game controller company

Green Throttle googleGoogle goes on its price toward a home gaming system with a new acquisition.

Rumours of an impending that Google is likely to jump into the home video game console market with a set-top box. Based on Pando Daily, Google has simply snapped up a gaming organisation called “Green Throttle Games”, the trader of a Android gaming controller.

Green Throttle was developed by many more popular players in the modern technology world. The founder of the organisation is Charles Huang, who even co-founded RedOctane ( creator of the Guitar Hero sequence ). The additional 2 key staff members were Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend, each of them long standing Palm employees. Green Throttle mysteriously close down in November of this past year, however judging by the profile of LinkedIn timelines of Crowley and Townsend, the Google acquisition was the purpose of the closure. As Continue reading