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HTC One Mini And HTC One Max Banned From UK

htc-one-mini-sizeNokia has delivered a major blow to HTC, as a High Court judge has ruled that the phones infringe on a patent held by the Finnish firm. The HTC One will remain on sale, although the judge leaked that a replacement for the device is due in early 2014.

The patent wars between smartphone manufacturers has heated up in recent months and years. Apple, Samsung, and Nokia, in particular, have gone head-to-head in a number of court cases. The aim of the cases is almost certainly to protect the patents that each company owns, but delivering a potentially harmful blow to the opposition is almost certainly seen as a positive by-product of the move.

Nokia and HTC may not be the most popular smartphone manufacturers in the UK but do account for nearly 10% of all sales when their sales figures are combined. Continue reading

HTC To Launch HTC Mini One On August 12th

htc-one-mini-sizeThe HTC One Mini will launch in UK stores on 12th August according to online mobile phone retailer Unlocked Mobiles. HTC has yet to confirm or deny the reported release date.

The HTC One has proven a popular and powerful device, helping HTC to reinvigorate their results after a quite couple of years. It competed well with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on its release and it seems that the Taiwanese manufacturer is looking to further extend its reach by launching a Mini version of the device. According to reports from online phone retailer Unlocked Mobiles, the smaller device will start shipping on August 12th in the UK. Continue reading

HTC One Mini Hits Preorder Shelves For A Premium £379.99

htc-one-mini-sizeThe newly announced HTC One Mini can be found for pre-order on the Mobilefun.co.uk website less than 24 hours after the Taiwanese manufacturer announced the slimline, less expensive alternative to the full price HTC One.

HTC may have only just announced the impending launch of the One Mini but at least one online retailer is not dragging their heels over taking pre-orders for the phone. Mobilefun.co.uk has announced a £379.99 pre-order price which would pit it against the likes of the similarly sized Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

The HTC One Mini is a downsized version of the company’s high end One smartphone. The smaller version will be made from the same brushed aluminium of its bigger brother but will incorporate plastic edging in order to ensure the price is kept down a little. Continue reading

HTC One Mini Specs Confirmed And One Max Specs Rumoured

htc-one-mini-sizeSpecs for HTC One Mini have been confirmed while the rumoured HTC One Max has allegedly been outed as a contender for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

Most mobile manufacturers seem to be hedging their bets on whether smaller or bigger screens are the way forward and HTC is the latest to throw their hats into both rings. The HTC One has emerged as a strong competitor for the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC looks set to extend the line with a One Mini and a One Maxi. Continue reading

Samsung Officially Unveils Galaxy Zoom, HTC Readying One Mini

samsung-galaxy-s4-zoomRumours have been doing the rounds regarding a Samsung Galaxy Zoom mobile phone for some time and, following a Russian site claiming to have reviews the device yesterday, Samsung has now officially unveiled its 16mp camera phone.

In terms of the phone itself, it is basically a Galaxy S4 Mini with a 4.3” inch screen, 1.5GHz dual core processor, and packing Android 4.2.2. However, where the Zoom stands out is in the camera features that it offers.

There has always been some degree of trade off when buying a camera phone compared to buying a digital camera. However, the S4 Zoom not only features a 1.9mp front facing camera but it Continue reading

HTC One Mini Coming In June

htc one miniHTC underwent a difficult second album, as it were, following the incredible success they enjoyed with their first phones. However, the HTC One in its various guises continues to perform well for the manufacturer. In the same way that Samsung took its popular Galaxy S3 and created a Galaxy Mini, details of the HTC One Mini have been leaked. The phone looks almost identical, despite being a bit smaller and made from different materials, and it doesn’t offer quite the same specs but is ideal for those that lust after the HTC One but can’t justify its price tag.

The screen is still a 4.3inch touch screen and the design will make it virtually impossible to differentiate from the original, except in size. Further downgrades include the processor, which will only be dual core, and storage will just be 16GB this time around. RAM will remain the same at 2GB Continue reading