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Apple earnings report: iPhone bumps up revenue but sales of iPad fall by 16%

apple-logo-smallThe latest earnings report from Apple has exceed expectations, with the company reporting an increase in revenue for the first three months of the year of $45.6 billion – way ahead of analysts’ predicted $43.5bn.

However, the report also reinforced the fact that Apple relies more than ever on the success of the iPhone for continuing growth.

The smartphone accounts for more than half of the company’s revenues and while sales of the device soared past expectations (43.7 million units sold compared to projections of 37.7m), this success was necessary to offset a slump in interest in the iPod, Macs and the iPad.

Apple’s tablet launched four years ago and although the device has been hailed as the ideal Continue reading

Microsoft touts Office for iPad – BUT there’s a catch

microsoft-office-for-ipadMicrosoft has, after years of speculation, released some of its Office applications for Apple iPad owners – but you’ll need an Office 365 subscription to use them in anything other than their basic form.

The Apple App Store now has Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint available for download for iOS 7, and the apps have been reworked to fit in with the iPad’s layout and form factor.

The apps will allow people to view Office files on their tablet, but not create new documents or edit existing ones – for that you’ll need an Office 365 cloud subscription, starting at $70 a year. Continue reading

iPad Air Causes Typical Apple Queuing Nonsense

ipad-‌mini-retina-displayThe release of the wafer-thin, ludicrously-light iPad Air has seen hundreds of hopefuls lining the streets to get their hands on the latest iCraze.

Apple lovers must, by now, have realised that Apple have a somewhat twisted sense of humour. This week has seen some of the worst storms in years and, so, the tech giant has released their latest gadget that was almost certain to entice queues of technophiles to shop doors. And, virtually at Apple’s behest, the gadget loving public duly obliged.

While many people are awaiting the release of the iPad Mini 2, the lack of a firm release date has obviously led some buyers to favour the diminutive iPad Air instead. Continue reading

Tablet Shipments Decline Following Apple Launch Delay

best tabletsThe number of tablet devices shipped to retailers fell by nearly 10% during the second quarter of the year. Apple’s plans to delay their device launches until the second half of the year are cited as one possible reason.

Experts and manufacturers have been predicting that the tablet market would drop off eventually and while a 10% slip in quarterly shipments is far from the death toll for the portable devices, it is a reversal in fortunes.

There was a 9.7% drop in shipments, down to 45.1m units in the second quarter of 2013. However, while a 10% slide is quite significant this still represents a 59.6% increase from the year before showing that there may still be some legs left in tablet sales. Furthermore, at least some of the decline can be blamed on Apple’s change in release date direction. Continue reading