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Lenovo Launches Yoga 2 Line At IFA 2013

Lenovo-Idea-Pad-Yoga-2-Pro-takes-on-the-ATIV-Q-with-3200x1800-pixels-keeps-it-bendyLenovo has launched the second line of its unique Yoga 2 line of hybrid devices. The Yoga 2 Pro is a 13.3” consumer device while the smaller 12.5” Thinkpad Yoga is geared towards business users.

Lenovo took a distinctly different approach to its hybrid devices when compared to other manufacturers. They decided that detachable keyboards and swivel screens weren’t the best way to do it and instead offer a screen that revolves 360° to change between laptop and tablet. It does raise certain concerns over how well the keyboard will withstand acting as a base but it also offers excellent convenience and functionality.

The first line of Yoga devices were launched in October of last year and this year’s releases will have higher resolution screens and faster processors ensuring that they can definitely be considered second generation. Continue reading