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HTC One Mini And HTC One Max Banned From UK

htc-one-mini-sizeNokia has delivered a major blow to HTC, as a High Court judge has ruled that the phones infringe on a patent held by the Finnish firm. The HTC One will remain on sale, although the judge leaked that a replacement for the device is due in early 2014.

The patent wars between smartphone manufacturers has heated up in recent months and years. Apple, Samsung, and Nokia, in particular, have gone head-to-head in a number of court cases. The aim of the cases is almost certainly to protect the patents that each company owns, but delivering a potentially harmful blow to the opposition is almost certainly seen as a positive by-product of the move.

Nokia and HTC may not be the most popular smartphone manufacturers in the UK but do account for nearly 10% of all sales when their sales figures are combined. Continue reading