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ZTE Joining The Wearable Tech Market Next Year With A New Smartwatch

zte-logoBudget smartphone makers ZTE have said that they will release a smartwatch next year. It will be aimed at the mainstream market, costing less than but offering similar features to the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

ZTE has become the new HTC. They produce good quality, budget smartphones that offer a lot of features and specifications for their money and, according to Lu Qianhao, head of the company’s handset division, they are to produce a smartwatch in order to enter the wearable tech market too. The device will launch next year, offer similar features to the Galaxy Gear, and will be priced for the mainstream market.

Priced for the mainstream market is marketing talk for being a budget device, but Qianhao has said that the watch will offer similar features to those of the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The Samsung device Continue reading

The Latest Contender In The Smartwatch Market Is… Erm, Nissan

2013-09-09-12-37-51-pm-620x499Nissan has announced the Nismo Watch which will monitor driver performance as well as car performance. As yet, it is little more than a prototype, or pipedream, of the car manufacturers.

It’s fair to say that the smartwatch is gaining some fairly serious attention from big technology manufacturing giants. The likes of Samsung has just recently provided details of their Galaxy Gear watch while the crowdfunded Pebble has been doing the rounds for a while and Sony is already on its second generation of Smartwatch device. Apple, too, is rumoured to be readying such a device. Continue reading

Hyetis Unveil The First Swiss Smartwatch, The Crossbow

hyetis1Swiss watch manufacturers Hyetis have unveiled what is arguably the first Swiss smartwatch and have packed absolutely everything they possibly can, and then some, into the stylish looking design.

A new smartwatch unveiled by Swiss manufacturers Hyetis will reportedly connect to Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones and will feature a fairly staggering 41mp camera (we’re not entirely sure of the benefit of having a digital camera on your wrist though). It will also be touch screen and will have an altimeter, microphone, thermometer, and biometric sensors. We’re sure if they can think of anything else to add then it will make an appearance. Continue reading

Sony Delays Smartwatch 2 Release As Microsoft Tests Transparent Aluminium

Sony SmartwatchSony has pushed the release date of the Smartwatch 2 back to September while it emerges that Microsoft are testing and working on a material known as transparent aluminium for its own device.

Sony’s second bite of the smartwatch cherry will have to wait until after summer, as it emerges that the company has pushed its release date back from July 15th to September 9th. The announcement was actually made by Clove UK who said, on their website, that the release date of 5th July provided by Sony themselves was incorrect and that buyers will have to wait until the 9th September to get their hands on the device. Continue reading

The Smartwatch; Device Of The Future Or Relic Of The Past?

Sony-SmartWatchWith the news that everybody from Amazon to Samsung and including Apple is reading a so called smartwatch, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Smartwatch is a new idea and a futuristic device. However, in reality, the concept of a watch that performs a multitude of other tasks is far from new. The Pebble Smartwatch is already on shelves and has enjoyed a number of updates to its stellar line up of apps. Continue reading

Microsoft Smartwatch In The Making

microsoft smart watchSince it was rumoured that Apple were in the process of designing and developing a Smart Watch, it seems a number of other rumour mills have started grinding in a similar direction. Amazon have already thrown their hats in to the ring, and Sony actually released a Smart Watch of sorts last year. Microsoft is the latest to be subject to these rumours as it has been announced that their executives asked suppliers to ship them parts which could potentially be used to make a watch. Continue reading