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New Sony RX10 DSLR Unveiled

Sony-RX10-3Sony has unveiled the latest in its line of RX camera, in the shape of the RX10. Due to hit shelves in December, the powerful bridge camera is set to remedy many of the problems that such cameras face.

Bridge cameras are supposed to be the bridge between professional level DSLR cameras and point and click digital compacts. They should offer really good quality images but without the need to have to fiddle with manual settings or change lenses. Unfortunately, this does mean some degree of compromise and while bridge cameras almost certainly offer better quality than a £50 digital from Tesco, they also have their shortcomings.

Poor low light performance and slow focusing are some of the problems that bridges tend to have. Sony has put a large 24-200mm lens, akin to a DSLR camera lens, and a 1” backside illuminated Continue reading