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BT Are The Worst Network For Complaints

BT ImageRecent Ofcom results show that BT has the worst track record of complaints for Pay TV, and didn’t fare much better for broadband or landline.

UK communications regulator Ofcom regularly releases reports on telecoms, broadband, and pay TV services. Specifically, they provide details of the number of complaints that they Continue reading

What Does Your Mobile Say About You?

Talk Talk HuaweiA recent TalkTalk survey shows that iPhone users are vain, Blackberry owners are loaded, and Android owners have the best manners.

TalkTalk Mobile conducted a survey of 2,000 smartphone owners to determine what particular brands of mobile phone say about their owners. So, what exactly does your mobile choice say about you and is it really relevant?

iPhone owners are vain, rating themselves as the most attractive and spend the most on personal grooming when compared to Blackberry and Android owners cementing the brand’s position as being the most fashionable. they are also the most ambitious and travel more frequently and further afield. The survey shows that the typical iPhone owner is confident, ambitious, daring, bright, and flirty. Continue reading