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Change Your Passwords: A Massive Bug Has Put Your Details at Risk

Change passwordInternet users are advised to be on the alert as security experts race to assess the damage done by Heartbleed – a newly discovered bug in technology that runs encryption for two-thirds of the Internet

A newly discovered bug in software supposed to provide extra protection for thousands of the world’s most popular websites has exposed highly sensitive information such as credit card numbers, usernames, and passwords, security researchers said.

The discovery of the bug, known as Heartbleed, has caused several websites to advise their users to change their passwords. Continue reading

Yahoo Paying $1.1bn For Tumblr

yahoo-tumblrYahoo has undergone some massive changes in recent years and, in the past six months especially, they have also undergone a rigorous and extensive acquisition programme but their proposed purchase of Tumblr eclipses all else. It has been announced that the Yahoo board has OKed the $1.1bn cash purchase of microblogging platform Tumblr – clearly setting the company’s stall out as a social and mobile Internet technology company.

Tumblr is a mobile blogging platform, a similar ilk to Twitter, but it is also a social network that is Continue reading