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Yota Dual Screen Phone Set For European Launch

Dual-Screen-YotaPhone-to-Be-Unveiled-at-MWC-2013-Runs-Android-4-2-Jelly-Bean-3The innovative dual screen Yota smartphone, manufactured in Russia, is set for release in European markets, and will offer an e-ink second screen that will consume minimal power.

Battery life is one of the biggest bug bears of many a smartphone owner. Most of us have phones that can perform a massive array of tasks, but unless you carefully invest in a phone with a mammoth battery, or keep a second battery on hand at all times, it can prove impossible to last even a day before having to recharge. This leaves many users curbing their usage.

St Petersburg based phone manufacturers Yota believe they may have a solution to the problem.

Yota are best known for making modems and routers, and this is their first smartphone release, but it could prove popular with certain groups of buyers. As well as a 4.2” LCD display, similar to those found on other phones, it will also feature a second e-paper screen. Continue reading