Teenager has his CD collection seized after annoying his neighbours by playing Adele tracks so loudly their stairs vibrated

Thomas Alcock, 18, was forced to give up his collection of over 200 CDs after playing the Skyfall singer’s hits too loud.

Prosecutor Samantha Lawton told magistrates in Huddersfield on Wednesday that the teenager was served with a noise abatement on November 2 last year, after complaints from his neighbours about amplified sound coming from his flat in Dewsbury, west Yorkshire.

She told the court that an environmental officer attended on November 7. She said: ‘The music was prominent, intrusive and at a very high level.
‘It could be heard through the whole house and it was impossible to relax and watch TV.’

Magistrates made a forfeiture order for all of the equipment, despite the fact that Alcock said that he wanted to keep his CDs as they belonged to his late father.

He was also given a £110 fine, in addition to £140 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

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