Tesco Is Top Of Mobile Phone Operator Satisfaction List

imagesTesco is, at least according to Which?, the best mobile phone operator, in terms of customer satisfaction. While there are bound to be horror stories emerge from disgruntled customers, it’s difficult to argue with the level of customer service that the supermarket giant provides. Asda also performed highly in the PAYG survey while T-Mobile and Vodafone performed worst in the PAYG and contract categories respectively.

Tesco has released numerous new product ranges and departments in the past few years. They offer everything from insurance to mobile phone contracts, and they have enjoyed success in most areas. Entering the mobile phone market was still viewed by many as a brave move, attempting to dislodge the likes of Vodafone and Orange from their perches. They relied on O2 to facilitate the move and the two remain partners today.

The Which? Consumer group holds an annual survey of mobile phone customers to try and determine which companies we believe to be the best. This year, Tesco Mobile scored an impressive 73% overall and took top or joint top spot in both categories. Asda achieved the same score as Tesco in the PAYG category.

Tesco pointed to the fact that they have increased their user base to 3.5 million people as being a positive reflection of their performance and said that mobile phone users are becoming increasingly likely to look around and to consider alternatives to the major operators when looking for a new deal. We think the allure of extra Clubcard Points may also have something to do with it.

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