Tesco Launches Hudl, The £119 7” Tablet

Tesco-Hudl-computer-2295080Tesco has become the latest, and arguably most unlikely, entry into the tablet market with the release of the own branded Hudl. The 7” tablet will cost £119 and have reasonable specs for the price.

There’s a lot of tablet models on the market following the release and update of devices like the Nexus and the iPad Mini. However, the Hudl is a little different, coming in cheaper than all other models and still offering decent specs. Although it does feel a little cheap when compared to the likes of the iPad Mini that’s probably because it IS cheap when compared to the iPad Mini.

The Hudl will be available on Tesco shelves from September 30th. Without taking advent age of Clubcard and other offers it will cost just £119 but Tesco has said that it will double Clubcard vouchers so it is theoretically possible to pick one up for just £60.

The 7” screen offers 1,440 x 900 resolution so is perfect for Blinkbox viewing and it has double microphones and stereo speakers so it will work well as a multimedia playing portable tablet device as well as a web browser and gamer.

The 1.5GHz quad core processor is impressive and the tablet will have 16GB of internal storage as well as a microSD slot that will enable owners to further increase the amount of room they have for storing games, books, films, and apps.

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While Amazon has a better multimedia platform it’s current iteration of the Kindle Fire HD doesn’t stack up and costs around £40 more than the base price of the Hudl. The Nexus 7 has considerably better specifications but it costs £200 while the iPad Mini costs even more than this at £270. The Hudl represents a very good deal for the money compared to what else is out there, although we would still pay for the extra for a Google Nexus.

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