Tesco To Launch £99 Tablet On 23rd September

tesco-tabletTesco is launching a new device on 23rd September and analysts have predicted that it will be a low cost Android tablet costing just £99 and competing with the likes of the Google Nexus 7.

Tesco has recently stated that it will be scaling down its consumer electronics sales in stores. Chief Executive Philip Clarke said that items like TVs take up a lot of room but do not take a lot of money. However, despite this, the company has trademarked the name Hudl which it will use for tablets and accessories as well as other devices. As tablets are a lot smaller than TVs and analysts are predicting continued growth at least until Christmas the launch of a tablet has become a real possibility.

The retail giant has sent out invitations reading “We’ve got something to show you” and giving the date of the 23rd September while also utilising the Hudl trademark. The invitation does not contain details of exactly what it is the company has to show us, but most are now expecting it to be a tablet, and they’re expecting it to be low priced.


Rumours suggest that the tablet will be 7” in size and have 16GB of memory but experts say that pricing will be a big factor in determining the success of the device. With Tesco’s existing Clubcard scheme, ownership of Blinkbox, and their willingness to hand out vouchers for free or reduced petrol and other items, it is possible that the deal will be supplemented in this way. Analysts agree that a £99 price tag is the company’s target and this would make it considerably less expensive than the likes of the iPad Mini at £269 and even the Google Nexus 7 costing £199. It would be firmly in the price bracket of the Kindle Fire at £99 though.

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