Tesla Proposed Partnership With Google To Create Electric Autopiloted Car

google auto carThe Tesla range of cars is renowned for being cutting edge and state of the art. They are considered to be among only a small handful of true sports cars that run on electricity rather than on petrol or diesel. This means that the cars have a hefty price tag and the environmentally sound company offers many additional features to its models to further entice potential buyers. The new models are likely to be several years off production and a cut price Tesla may be first.

Its next line of cars may include Google Drive (that’s the self-driving car not the cloud storage) as one of its standout features, although the company has warned that it is several years away from this. Google’s self driving car technology has been in the news and the spotlights. The company wanted to deploy a fleet of thousands of them to help take photographs for Street View and they continue to improve the technology while winning licenses and patents to do exactly that.

Tesla are popular in the USA where buyers enjoy considerable tax breaks for having zero emissions cars but are less popular in the UK where you not only have to pay several thousand to secure one but you will have to pay the equivalent of at least £32,000 for a basic model that will only cover around 160 miles. Other models are also available from the company, which recently lost its bid to sue Jeremy Clarkson for bringing their sales figures down following a negative review.

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