The Future Of Tablet Computers

tablet computersWhether or not the tablet computer range has a future at all is a point that is currently under debate. Recent figures would certainly indicate that the touchscreen models are far from dead and analysts seem to agree that they will overtake sales figures for desktop computers in the coming few years. However, some high profile figures like Blackberry chief executive Thorsten Heins, believes that it is a passing fad that will die away soon.

Netbooks were once considered the ultra-portable devices that were ideal for carrying around. They were lightweight, they were inexpensive, and they were dubbed as being the future of the portable computer market. However, they have seemingly met their demise. As the tablet computer becomes more popular so the netbook loses sales. Asus has declared that it will be stopping manufacturing netbooks and will instead offer hybrid devices that are more tablet than ultra-portable netbook.

What’s more, there are mobile phones that have grown so big that they are deserving of having their own title. These so called phablets are a cross between tablet and phone, and they certainly aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The Samsung Galaxy Note was seen as a gamble by the Korean manufacturer but it paid off and soon even their dedicated mobile phone range, like the Galaxy range of models, could be compared to the size of a tablet.

PC sales have dropped significantly over the past couple of years while tablet sales have increased. There are likely to be a number of other device types that will also emerge. For example, wearable devices like Google Glass may prove popular and even if they are a fad they are more likely to take away from PC than tablet sales. As well as wearable devices, you should expect to see mp3 players become more advanced, and they may replace other types of computer in the same way the tablet has all but taken over from the ebook reader.

However, not everybody agrees with this assessment of the future of the tablet PC. Blackberry may not have got all that much right in the past few years, but CEO Thorsten Heins has said that he believes there will be no place for tablet computers in the home in five years and that they will have died off by then. At the same time he also said that he wants Blackberry to be the leader in the home computing market within the same period.

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