The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Out This Weekend

the-hobbit-the-desolation-of-smaugThe second instalment of Tolkien’s Hobbit films is released this weekend, and it will almost certainly be a huge success, but will it be worthy of the massive box office sales it will make?

We loved the first Hobbit film, and if you didn’t, then there’s not really much point in sticking with the second. The trilogy is based on the Hobbit book, and the storyline follows on. If you didn’t appreciate the story in the first, then you will be similarly disappointed with the second. However, the second instalment is packed with adventure and fight scenes; so much so, that some reviewers have complained that we don’t get to enjoy the acting talents of Martin Freeman and Sir Ian McKellen to their fullest.

We do get to hear Benedict Cumberbatch, who appeared alongside Freeman in Sherlock, voicing the Dragon. We are also introduced a plethora of dwarves and elves and the world itself is a vast and incredible one. It will attempt to pull you in, and it will most likely succeed in doing so.

The original Hobbit film didn’t enjoy a clean slate of top reviews. There were many critics that found it a bit dull and lifeless, and stated that character and plot development could have been greatly improved. While there is certainly more action in the second film, there is arguably even less opportunity for the characters to develop, because they spend almost the entire film running and dodging swords and arrows.

The film is set to make a fortune at the box office, regardless of how well it is received, and while reviews are mixed, virtually every reviewer agrees that the dragon Smaug is hauntingly brilliant and entirely dastardly. They also agree that this second instalment is an improvement over the first.

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