The Last Of Us Survives Another Week

video gamesThis week feels like something of a milestone in the weekly games chart. Not only because The Last Of Us has spent the longest time at number 1 of any platform specific title, and not even because it has now equalled the likes of Black Ops 2 with its sixth consecutive week in the hot seat but FIFA 13 has dropped out of the top five too. Dynasty Warriors 8 is the highest new entry reaching number 5.

1 (1) – The Last Of Us

It turns out we haven’t yet had enough of survival zombie games and that it is possible to make platform specific games that rock sales figures. The Last Of Us is a character driven survival horror game and is now in its sixth week at number 1. That equals Black Ops 2, which had the benefit of multiple platform sales.

2 (5) – Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has a lot to shout about too. It had already been downloaded millions of times before going on retail sale and this week, the build anything and do anything game, has risen from fifth to second for its fourth week in the charts.

3 (3) – Mario And Luigi: Dream Team Bros

Dream Team Bros is a slight change for Mario and Luigi, in so far as it is considered an RPG as much as a platform game. It is still loaded with the usual Mario charm and has helped spark additional sales of the 3DS, to which it is tied.

4 (2) – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is another game that has helped to improve the fortunes of the 3DS. In this cutesy title, you become mayor of a town that is populated with talking animals. There’s no outcome to the game, because you can’t finish the game and there is no score, but you will be compelled to keep playing.

5 (-) – Dynasty Warriors 8

The Dynasty Warriors series is one that is renowned for its hack and slash and while playing Dynasty Warrios 8 on a harder difficulty setting will lead you to make a few tactical decisions, you shouldn’t expect to have to plan a major strategy to get through. With that said, this is by far the best looking title in the series so far and Dynasty Warriors’ numerous fans will find much to enjoy but critics will continue to criticise the repetitive nature of combat.

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