The Latest Contender In The Smartwatch Market Is… Erm, Nissan

2013-09-09-12-37-51-pm-620x499Nissan has announced the Nismo Watch which will monitor driver performance as well as car performance. As yet, it is little more than a prototype, or pipedream, of the car manufacturers.

It’s fair to say that the smartwatch is gaining some fairly serious attention from big technology manufacturing giants. The likes of Samsung has just recently provided details of their Galaxy Gear watch while the crowdfunded Pebble has been doing the rounds for a while and Sony is already on its second generation of Smartwatch device. Apple, too, is rumoured to be readying such a device.

There are also those devices that might be considered feature watches, in the same way that mobile phones that aren’t quite smartphones are considered feature phones. The Nike Fuel Band is one such device and is used to monitor athletic performance predominantly. This is an area that smartwatches are also concentrating on heavily, along with Android and eventually iOS smartphone coupling.

The latest company to announce their entry into the smartwatch or feature watch market may come as a bit of a surprise (unless you read the headline, of course). They are not technology giants per se, and they won’t be aiming to knock Samsung or Apple off their respective perches. They are, however, one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers renowned for knocking out ugly four wheeled monsters like the Leaf, Micra, and the Juke. Although they are also responsible for the incredible Nissan GTR, which goes some way to making up for the aforementioned models. They are, of course, Nissan.

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The Nissan Nismo watch is designed specifically for drivers of the Nissan Nismo car and will connect driver to vehicle in a way that is previously unheard of.

The watch will monitor and display the performance of the car to include everything from fuel consumption to average speed. However, it will also connect with the driver to provide information like heart rate and pulse. It combines some of the features of an onboard computer, with some of the features of the dashboard display, and some of the features of the Nike Fuel Band. What’s more, it will connect with social networks too.

Currently, the Nismo Watch is not in production and the press release that offered details of the watch does not exactly go crazy with design and development specifics so it could be some time before the device is finished and put into production.

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