The Xbox One Unveiling

Xbox-One-ConsoleIf you were eagerly anticipating the Xbox announcement and actually watched the whole thing unfold live then first of all, accept our sympathy. In reality, the new generation of games consoles are more an upgrade to the existing ones rather than a whole new evolution in gaming systems. In the case of the Xbox, this evolution has taken the games console down the all-in-media system route rather than an all singing all dancing gaming system. What’s more, the launch was over an hour of fairly dull talking and what we think is far from the prettiest looking unit ever made.

It is impressive under the hood. It has an 8 core x36 CPU which is strikingly similar to that found in the PS4. Experts say that this similarity and the fact that it is a lot closer to PC chips means that game coding will be a lot easier. It also has 8GB of system memory, and it has a 500GB hard drive as well as a blu ray drive.

There are also a number of improvements that have been made. The addition of the blu ray player is one of the more obvious improvements; while the current generation of Playstation has always included this, Xbox shied away from its inclusion until now. This is presumably to allow the system to become a central hub within the home. The Kinect, which was largely considered a bit of a failure in its current iteration has been greatly improved so that it is now 1080p and incredibly accurate.

It will be voice and gesture controlled. That’s right, you will be able to speak to your console to tell it to turn on, change to gaming, and perform various other tasks. We’re yet to be convinced that this will be anything other than a pretty cool gimmick but it’s a good gimmick to include. Voice commands could become the way of the future but it remains to be seen how popular it is as a means to control your TV.

Gamers have taken to social networks because they feel irked that the new system, in their opinion, does not offer much greater appeal to them than the current Xbox. Marketing the system as an all in one home entertainment system may prove to be the system’s failing or Microsoft really could see the imagining of their dream where every home has an Xbox One in the front room acting as a central hub or server for the home.

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