Three New Variants Of The Samsung Galaxy S4 Coming Soon

Samsung galaxy s4Samsung has enjoyed great levels of success with the release of its Samsung Galaxy S4 handset range. It hasn’t been without its criticism, especially concerned with its durability and its size, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the best-selling smartphones of all time and Samsung’s proudest moment.

Upon its first airing, the S4 was abused for being too bulky thanks to its 5 inch screen. Many users have happily adopted the phone but the Mini version will appease those that believe it to be too large. The Active and Zoom are the other two versions that are allegedly coming.

Samsung subverted much of the criticism levelled at the size of the S3 by releasing the S3 Mini. It was basically the same phone but it had a smaller screen than the 5 inch model. The Galaxy S4 Mini will offer similar compromises. It is set to feature a more reasonable 4.3inch display but there is no word yet as to the reduction in processor that may be required to help facilitate this diet. It is likely that the Mini will be the first of the new line that is launched, and some have stated July to be the month for its arrival although this has not yet been officially confirmed or denied.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom aims to benefit from the Korean manufacturer’s experience in the digital camera market while helping them to compete with the likes of Nokia. The Zoom will have a similarly sized screen to the Mini, according to rumours, but will have a staggeringly impressive 16mp camera with optical zoom. There’s been no rumours, confirmed or otherwise, of additional features but this may be designed to help compete with Nokia phones and their PureView features.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active may also be looking to compete directly with Nokia handsets. This handset is slated to be waterproof and considerably more durable than the original. One of the complaints about both the S3 and the S4 have been surrounding their durability. A relatively minor drop can lead to irreparable and ultimately expensive damage.

Samsung has yet to comment on these leaks. The Mini is virtually a cert and there is certainly a good case to be argued for the introduction of both the Zoom and the Active but the smartphone world does move on and evolve quickly so plans may be changed in the near future.

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