Tom Daley Placed In Google Maps Olympic Swimming Pool Google Street View

img1There are various objects to see in the huge collection of 360° pictures that is Google street view.

To this now you are able to attach Tom Daley’s trunks.

A latest number of photos captured inside the London Olympic Aquatics Centre include a complete 360 of the viewpoint on top of the 10-meter diving board at the place Daley achieved his individual bronze at the 2012 Games.

People could also tour around the within the pool place and stands, and look at the gymnasium, the dry-dive area and the sports science lab.

The tour around the swimming pool was produced from Ideal Insight.

You find around 120 360° panoramas of the building, as well as Olympic venues are also being recorded ahead of the official introductory of the complete Olympic park to the public in April.

The team behind it said:

“The purpose of the project was to showcase the London Aquatics Centre’s incredible facilities to prospective customers and the general public in an interactive, engaging and stimulating way!

Viewing the Google virtual tour brings the centre to life to help inspire visits and enables those who are simply curious to explore a famous London Olympic venue that saw world records literally smashed out of the water!

As the tour sits so prominently on Google, swimming fans from around London, the country (and world) now can access the tour Google virtual tour and navigate utilising the familiar Google Street View technology!”

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