Top 5 iPhone Apps This Week – 9th May 2013

iPhone appsThere are hundreds of new apps launched on various platforms every week and this can make it a daunting task to try and find those that offer genuine value. The best way to do this is to start with the free and freemium apps. Below are five of the best apps, this week, available for the iPhone or iPad.

Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends has finally found its way off Facebook and onto Apple devices. This is effectively a new version of the original game in which you can compete with friends to reach the top of your own personal tournament table. It is free and it is arguably more addictive than the original thanks to the possibility of bragging rights.

Dark Avenger

Another dungeon fighting game for Apply players. What makes this one stand out though is the attention to detail and the really high quality of all aspects of the game. It’s a freemium game so expect to be coerced into parting with your money.

Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles

8 levels of Lego Star Wars completely free on your iPhone; does it get any better than this? Arguably not. Play as Yoda or Count Dooku and battle your way through the eight levels that are provided for your entertainment.


DabKick is new app that not only enables you to share media with friends but control how they view it. As you swipe through your pictures or fast forward through audio, your friends will see or hear exactly the same as you do but on their own phone.


SquiggleFish is the only one of the 5 apps that isn’t free. Expect to pay £1.49 for what is actually quite limited but it will almost certainly keep the kids quiet for hours on end, which makes it great value. Draw a fish on a piece of white paper, scan it with your phone, and watch the fish come to life on your phone.

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