Top 5 Video Games Chart – 18th May 2013

video gamesA couple of new entries have helped change the look of the top 5 video games chart this week with the latest instalment of Metro taking the top spot and a new Pokemon picking up fourth position. Metro: Last Light may not have sold as many copies as its predecessor but being released on more platforms and coming at a time that is largely devoid of big name releases has seen it take the coveted top position.

1 (-) – Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light not only has incredible graphics but this new release brings storyline and suspense to the various platforms it is released on. If you enjoy choosing from a vast array of weapons then Last Light is definitely the right choice of game for you. A worthy success to the original Metro 2033 game and certainly worthy of taking the top spot from this week’s second placed game.

2 (1) – Dead Island: Riptide

Dead Island: Riptide has, somehow, managed to enjoy three weeks at the top. The game isn’t all that bad, although it certainly has its problems, but it is just not dissimilar enough to the original game to warrant purchasing or hitting top spot. It is a frustrating game that was really only waiting for a decent new release to take its crown and sit on its throne.

3 (5) – FIFA 13

The end of the football season, the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, the sacking of Roberto Mancini, and the parting ways of various players has seemingly spurred a revival in the fortunes of FIFA 2013, having risen two places back from fifth and into third spot.

4 (-) – Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon Infinity

This week’s other new entry may not have fared as well as Metro: Last Light but it has really done rather well. Especially considering the game itself is really quite bad. The town building is decent but the rest of the gameplay is dull, at best. It fails as a Pokemon game and as a Mystery Dungeon game so while it was almost certainly fans of the former which helped bring this to the number four spot, it looks unlikely to remain for too long.

5 (2) – Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 has never been far away from the top 5 but having risen to an impressive second place again last week it has been pushed back down by the resurgence in FIFA and the appearance of Pokemon and Metro. It will probably still be in or near the top five next week though.

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