Top 5 Video Games Chart – 1st June 2013

video gamesA couple of high profile releases last week has seen new entry Grid 2 predictably take the top spot while Fuse underwhelmed, only managing to enter at number 37 in the charts. Fifa 13 retained second place while last week’s number 1 Resident Evil: Revelations fell to fifth. The incredible Far Cry 3 rose back up to third place.

1 (-) – Grid 2

Grid 2 may not have sold as well as the original game in its first weekend but it has done enough to take top spot, and with good reason. The game is massive and it looks stunning. It also dispenses with the statistical machinations of games like the Forza series and replaces this with hard driving. Many courses, cars, and even driving styles await you when you purchase this worthy number one game.

2 (2) – FIFA 13

FIFA 13 just won’t go away. As the season ends and transfer rumours hot up, it is likely that FIFA 13 will hang around for a little while longer yet too. FIFA 12 was seen as the groundbreaking change but 13 brought some great little innovations and hugely successful tweaks so that this is an improved, albeit not significantly, version of its predecessor.

3 (4) – Dead Island: Riptide

Honestly, we felt that Dead Island: Riptide was a sell out. It had very few new features and it was boring for anybody that played the original but it continues to hang around the top five, rising one position to take third spot this week. The problem, of course, is that Techland and Deep Silver will have no problem with releasing a third iteration with very few notable changes.

4 (8) – Far Cry 3

The release of the Blood Dragon downloadable content has helped reignite love for the incredible Far Cry 3 title. The game is virtual poetry that combines Lord of the Flies with Arrow and offers a massive open play game that will not leave you bored. There are some very minor problems but you won’t be disappointed if you buy this title.

5 (1) – Resident Evil: Revelations

This is the console version of the DS title released some time ago and it debuted at number one last week. While it may not have hung around the top spot for long it was a worthy pile topper and it is a shame that it seems to have already started the inevitable downward spiral that most games suffer.

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