Top 5 Video Games Chart – 22nd June 2013

video gamesThe top 5 this week remains largely unchanged with the Playstation exclusive title The Last Of Us holding on to the top spot and the Nintendo 3DS exclusive Animal Crossing: New Leaf retaining second place. FIFA 13 has climbed back into third place while Tomb Raider keeps fourth. Max Payne 3 has risen back into the charts at number following promotions on both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

1 (1) – The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us is an apocalyptic survivor with an exceptional storyline and great looking graphics. It can be a little predictable at times, and the friendly AI suffers in the same way that many co-op based games tend to. The Playstation 3 exclusive title holds on to top spot for the second week running and is definitely worth the position.

2 (2) – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing has gained a lot of fans and, surprisingly, not all of them are the under tens that the games are designed for. New Leaf entered the charts in second place last week and remains there as Nintendo 3DS fans flock to the cute gaming franchise presumably looking for a little respite from the running and gunning fare typically on offer.

3 (5) – FIFA 13

FIFA 13 simply won’t go away. It bobs around between 2nd and 5th and with every new signing and major piece of football related news, or quiet gaming week, it bobs its head back up. Last week’s number five is into third position again this week and will probably still be hanging around in the coming weeks – at least until the start of the new season or the release of FIFA 14.

4 (4) – Tomb Raider

The new Tomb Raider title has breathed life into a franchise that was once the biggest selling there was. Tomb Raider games took a bit of a hit with the move to this current generation of consoles but Tomb Raider picks up the dropped baton once more. We only hope that it won’t take so long on the next gen systems to create something worthy of the name.

5 (-) – Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 has been around a while but it has re-entered the charts thanks to price promotions on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. The game may not be everything that fans were waiting for but at the new reduced price it’s definitely worth picking up and playing through.

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