Top 5 Video Games Chart – 25th May 2013

video gamesMetro: Last Light has relinquished its hold on the number one position in the gaming charts after just one week in the coveted position. In its stead, Resident Evil: Revelations HD is showing that there’s life in the old dog yet. The other new entry in the charts is Donkey Kong Country Returns on the 3DS coming in at fifth place. FIFA retains third place while Dead Island: Riptide slips to fourth.

1 (-) – Resident Evil: Revelations HD

Resident Evil: Revelations HD is a return to the original horror survival based gaming of the first Resi games and we’re thankful for that. It is also a port of the Revelations game that was a standout performer for the 3DS in 2012. It looks incredible, will scare the pants of most gamers, and it has a decent amount of new content when compared to the original 3DS version to make it well worth the investment and worthy of the number 1 position.

2 (1) – Metro: Last Light

Metro:Last Light has slipped to 2nd spot which is a shame in some respects. It is considerably better than Metro: 2033 and we do love a post-apocalyptic game world. It is likely to hang around in the charts for at least a while although players may be put off by some of the more drab screens and stills that the game naturally has.

3 (3) – FIFA 13

FIFA 13 continues its time in the top 5 buoyed, we suspect, by football lovers wanting to continue getting their fill of the beloved game even now the season is over. While FIFA 13 is unlikely to reach much headier heights in coming weeks it may well linger for a little while longer.

4 (2) – Dead Island: Riptide

The original Dead Island game wasn’t without its problems but its uniqueness meant that most of these foibles were forgiven. Riptide saw a return to the same island and felt much like an expansion of the original rather than a brand new game. Its price tag, on the other hand, meant that this is a game best reserved for those that didn’t play the original.

5 (-) – Donkey Kong Country Returns

The Donkey Kong franchise may not be as popular as Mario but its fast and frenetic pace has its admirers, as well as its detractors. This is the latest, 3DS only version of the game and while it does have a few problems you can expect hours and hours of fun and mostly addictive gameplay.

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