Twitter Launches Social Music App

Twitter Social Music AppTwitter has spread its branches a little further afield. Having already taken on the video market they have now launched their Twitter  music app that offers recommendations to help find music you love. The app uses Twitter in a variety of ways to help identify new bands and new music that you can listen to. The app is available in the UK on the iPhone immediately and there are plans to extend this to include an Android app too.

There are a number of ways in which you can discover new music. “Suggested” music takes information about the bands you already follow and who they themselves follow. It uses this information to provide you with links to new artists.

“Now Playing” enables you to use your friends’ playlists to see if they have any hidden secrets and also to help bulk up your own music tastes and back catalogues. This tab also uses information regarding the bands that your friends are Tweeting about.

The app offers access to services like Spotify and Rdio so that you can play music directly through the app and you can keep all of your music related Twitter activity separate.

The app is a useful tool although it is likely to be a precursor for Twitter signing a few advertising agreements with the big labels in order to turn a little more profit. The app is available via the App Store and Apple’s website in the UK as well as the US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The company plans to release to more countries and to Android owners too.

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