Ubislate 7ci, The World’s Cheapest Tablet, Is Now Available In The UK For £30

ubislate-7ciThe Ubislate 7ci, which was initially developed for Indian schools, has now been released in the UK with an unbelievably low £30 price tag.

First Google with the Nexus, followed by Amazon with the Kindle Fire, then Tesco with the Hudl, Argos with the MyTablet, and even Aldi with Medion LifeTab. All of these companies probably thought they had the award for the cheapest tablet to hit shelves, but the Ubislate 7ci isn’t just in a different ball park, or in its own league, it’s playing an entirely different game and setting its own rules.

The specs really aren’t very impressive, as you would expect, but considering it costs less than the £40 most people will spend on sending cards this year, buyers shouldn’t have been expecting anything else.

The Ubislate 7ci runs a version of the Ice Cream Sandwich Android operating system, which is a little outdated. It also has the 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM that featured in the iPhone 3GS and the Samsung Galaxy S. Resolution is low at 800 x 400 and there’s only 4GB of RAM. Fortunately, though, Datawind did have the foresight to include a microSD card slot that enables you to expand the memory by up to 32GB.

If you’re paying £30 for a tablet that was initially designed to give Internet access to Indian school children, you really shouldn’t be expecting great specs and, considering the price of the device, we find it quite remarkable that they’ve even managed to put a screen on it.

For the sake of comparison, the Tesco Hudl, which costs £120 but is available for £60 by benefiting from double Clubcard offers, has a 1.6GHz processor, screen resolution of 1,280 x 720, and offers 1GB of RAM. At full price, though, it is four times the cost of the Ubislate.

Are you looking for a budget tablet?
Are you willing to suffer poor specs for a price tag of just £30?

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