Ubunto Edge Smartphone Reaches Crowdfunding Record But Not Target

ubuntuedge_large_verge_medium_landscapeUbuntu has broken a crowdfunding record by receiving over $10m in pledges from interested parties but it has not yet reached its $32m target. With only six days left to go, they must reach the target to receive the money.

The Ubuntu Edge smartphone is being billed by Ubuntu as the most cutting edge smartphone device that will be available. They intent to cram it full of every possible shred of high end phone technology possible and this means that the project has so far received pledges from those that consider themselves tech lovers as well as futurists and innovators that want access to something that will prove a cut above everything else in its class.

Canonical, the company behind the idea, has used the crowdfunding website IndieGoGo and the pledge that they have initiated means that if they do not receive the full $32m that they have targeted they would have to return all of the money received. With just 6 days left to go they have surpassed the previous record holder, the Pebble smartwatch, by reaching more than $10.2m but they are still some way short of the required target.

The Edge has some high profile backers. Bloomberg announced that they had invested $80,000 into the project because they believe that the open source nature of the project would benefit them and their clients.

One of the features that the phone would offer would be the ability to dock with a monitor. While being used as a smartphone, apps and features would appear as normal smartphone apps but once the phone has been docked with a monitor they would convert to full desktop applications.

Canonical has six days left in order to raise more than $20m although the added publicity they are receiving may help them reach the target. Currently, though, it looks unlikely.

According to analysts, the problem is largely that they have asked for such a considerable amount of cash. The previous record, which was set by the Pebble smartwatch and on the bigger crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. IndieGoGo is not as big a platform and this means that there are not as many people viewing the project making it much more difficult to achieve the target they have set.

Canonical have said that they would have approached things a little different if they knew what they know now. For example, they would not have offered such a discounted price for early investors.

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