Ubuntu Smartphone Smashes Crowdfunding Records

Ubuntu_smartphones_OSUbuntu has broken the record for having the highest target amount and for being the fastest project to reach $2m in funding, taking less than 8 hours to reach the figure. Still $30m to go, though.

You can never have too many smartphones on the market, or so it would seem anyway.

Ubuntu are relatively well known for creating open source operating software. It doesn’t rival the likes of Microsoft Windows or Mac, nor does it compete with Google’s Android OS, but it does have a loyal following from a community that are dedicated to advancing the software as they are to using it.

Canonical, the UK based firm behind the operating system, have started a crowdfunding project on IndieGoGo to raise $32m in order to develop what they describe as being the Formula 1 of the smartphone world; a phone that will be produced in limited number and will aim to showcase the very latest and very best in converging smartphone technology.

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The terms of the project mean that if Canonical do not raise the full amount, they leave with nothing but the signs are promising despite having an extremely lofty goal.

The IndieGoGo record, thus far, is $1.6m raised for a single project while the Pebble Watch holds the crowdfunding record for having raised over $10m.

In less than 8 hours, the Ubuntu Edge raised $2m in pledges and currently, around a day after its launch, it has now topped $4m and looks well on course to beat all records, assuming that it reaches the full amount, of course.

Reading the project details, which you can see here, Ubuntu want to go all out by using the best materials, offering the best specs (including a best in class multi-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage) in order to introduce new technology so that it can be used in other handsets.

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