UKIE Launches PC Download Games Chart

UKIEUKIE has launched a new video game charts, this time tracking the performance of PC digital download games. In the same way that a new music download chart was launched, it seems that the digital genre is also being considered important in the video games world. UKIE has taken details from a number of publishers and other sources in order to collate a single chart that highlights the most downloaded games for the PC.

Rather than precisely mirroring the physical charts, the figures for March are a little different. In first place was BioShock Infinite, a true gem of a game that has reignited the series. Second place was afforded to SimCity while Tomb Raider took third spot. The rest of the top five comprised of Battlefield 3 and the Sims 3: University Life.

SimCity endured a torrid release; one which led EA to own up to making huge mistakes and calling the release “dumb”. They were even forced to offer a free game to all those that purchase on the day of release and were forced to wait as long as 45 minutes before they could start building their first SimCity.

However, it was SimCity that raised the most cash in the digital download charts and when combined with physical sales it took the top spot for the month of March too. UKIE CEO Jo Twist said of the new charts “we need to measure the true size of the digital games market and that’s why we have invested in this system for the industry to own.”

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