Use Met Office Apps To Receive Updates On Storms Currently Battering Britain

met-office-mobile-appBritain is battered by storms again, with weather warnings issued for wind and rain throughout the UK. Stay up to date with Met Office apps.

As Britain suffers yet another day of high winds and torrential rain, numerous weather warnings have been issued across the country. Amber warnings for severe gale force winds and rain have been issued for Northern Ireland and Scotland, along with warnings of heavy rain for Scotland, and wind for South and West Wales, and parts of Southern England. There are also 44 flood warnings in place across the country.

3,500 homes have been left without power in Cumbria and Lancashire with a further 1,000 in Northern Ireland suffering the same fate. Not only are the poor conditions expected to continue, but there is also a threat of wintry showers, including snow, although these will tend to congregate over higher ground.

Apps from the Met Office are available that could provide invaluable information on the impending weather and potential floods, gales, and snow.

The Met Office Android app provides three hourly forecasts for a chosen location and it also enables users to share their forecasts with friends and families, giving them the potential to ensure that everybody they know is aware of the changes. The app is free and provides updates on severe weather warnings that have been released for a given location.

A similar app is also available from iTunes for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

The gales should die down over Thursday, but look likely to be replaced by very cold weather. Snow is expected on higher ground, and may spread to lower ground in the South as Thursday progresses. Showers are expected over the weekend, and there remains the possibility of gales and storm weather throughout the country. The wind will be predominantly in the South by Christmas Day, as the North appear more likely to get snow.

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