Valentine’s Day celebrated by Google Doodle

For St Valentine’s Day, Google has posted an interactive doodle on their home page which allows users to send virtual chocolates to others.

Users can choose three ingredients for three different chocolates which can then be sent via Twitter, Facebook or Google plus. The ingredients include chocolate, nuts, fruit, salt, ants, and hundreds and thousands.

St Valentine’s Day is when people traditionally send anonymous messages or gifts of love. It is named after an early Christian saint who may have been imprisoned in Roman times for illegally performing weddings for Christians or soldiers who wanted to marry them.

In some countries such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, the practice of sending Valentine’s gifts has been proscribed by religious authorities and the police.

In Wales, some ignore Valentine’s Day and commemorates St Dwynwen, the patron saint of Welsh lovers on January 25 and in South America, the festival also incorporates friendship as well as love.

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